GoBabyTrade Fully Robotic Stock Trading

Normalized purchases for greater profits

Heard back from the company on the 70% of stocks earning 50% or more every year they have done picks. It’s a rolling computation calculated using all prior years’ picks kind of like a mutual fund return calculated over all years the fund has been running. That means, as the numbers show, in any one year your sales could lose money.

Did a few more calculations to estimate the rate of return on the account. Seems like every 5 years, you get your investment back made during that 5 years. If you reinvest profits and keep making the same investment contribution as the previous years, you start to work up a geometric progression of your profits. But, it pretty much takes all the years you would normally devote to a career to hit a million bucks, If you consider taxes, that would make it longer. If you consider inflation and your rising income over the years so you pour more money into it besides reinvesting profits, sure looks like you would have to make it your life’s most important activity to make it to the top.

So much for getting there by investing your own cash unless you start out really young like when you first enter the workforce after graduating college and landing that $100K a year job!

Ed Barsano Creator