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Does Auto Trader run when the computer is in switch user mode


I need some help here. Appreciate if any one could help me to understand what happened yesterday.

On September 1, 2011 (Yesterday) I started the computer and opened CT around 6.30 in the morning and linked it to IB feed. Then I went out by using "switch user" function in Windows without logging off. So, CT autotrader was running wholeday and nobody touched the computer. There wasn’t any disturbance. When I came back after the market close still autotrader was runninig.

But to my surprise, there wasn’t a single trade executed even though I had 7 positions at the opening and market was volatile enough to execute few trades as per the criteria mentioned above. Even it didn’t execute the end of the day trading rules like selling positions with a certain profit margin etc eventhough there were a few trades which met the criteria.

I would like to know why if anybody experienced it before.


Ed Barsano Creator