GoBabyTrade Fully Robotic Stock Trading

Understanding account value numbers


I won’t have enough cash to day trade on 2 PCs for a while, but I’ll keep that approach in mind. I’ll leave the short strategy active for a while and see if I get a better sense for how often it actually buys and sells and what kind of profit it makes in test. I don’t seem to be making the kind of profit in the test account that I was when I had all the money targetted to just buy SLV long. Since I added the other etfs, there isn’t a lot of money available for any one. So, when one makes a profit sale, there’s not much profit. I might give it up and just stick with SLV. I was doing good with it in earlier testing and wanted to diversify in case SLV took a fast dive so I wasn’t at risk of an automatic margin cash out or of being locked out of trading till it rose back to the price I was in at. Kind of interesting, a little like mutual funds, you pay a high price by making lesser profits for the protection you get with diversification.


Ed Barsano Creator