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PnL calc preference?

CT -

Please, please, *please* add a preference item that would cause, for positions
opened on a previous day, the PnL amount to be calculated and displayed based
on the position’s opening price instead of the symbol’s previous day closing price.

This is driving me crazy. I don’t *care* what my PnL would have been *if* I had opened
the position at *yesterday’s close price*, I want to know what my PnL *is* from the
*actual position open price*. I know that I can get the cumulative PnL by clicking on
the appropriate line, but I’d really like to make this the number I always see in the PnL
column (and maybe click to see the "change from yesterday’s close price" PnL?).

Note that the change from yesterday’s close price is already represented on the
autotrader screen under the "Change" heading.

I gather that the emphasis on Today’s PnL is more relevant to options (or is it
futures?) that to the stock market. If somebody can explain why I *should* care
especially about Today’s PnL, I’m all ears (except in front, where I’m mostly nose). :-)

If the PnL calculation was a selectable preference item, then users could choose "Life
of Trade PnL" or "Today’s PnL" as they wished.

Whew! I feel much better now . . .

- Lev

Ed Barsano Creator