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Teach A Man to Fish Initiative

My tunnel vision right now is on the stock SCTY:

Solar City got it’s ipo in December and took off like a rocket since then. They install solar panels and are verging to my knowledge, as the industry leader of alternative energy. I qualifying that by altenergystocks.com. I see this to be an emerging trend that the world will align to. Today it’s selling for $45 share.

I would like to put this into the language of CT software. My idea in it’s ignorance is to have an identical short and long strategy that adds shares as it either falls or rises so that the profit balance finds equalibrium. This is difficult for me as it’s a $5,000 budget to buy 100 stocks of SCTY. Translating this into the vocabulary of putting together a strategy is daunting at first glance.

Does anybody have any incite?

Ed Barsano Creator