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Just saw your post today.
FYI - There is no CAD/USD pair listing, only USD/CAD.
If you wanted to hedge (which by the way is no longer allowed on U.S. broker accounts), you would just open a simultaneous BUY and SELL order of the USD/CAD pair.

An alternative way would be arbitrage -


In first trade, you are buying USD and selling CAD
In second trade, you buying the CAD (hedge of CAD sell in trade 1)
In third trade, you are selling the USD (hedge of USD buy in trade 1)

BE ADVISED!, some U.S. brokers may look at this as an attempt to circumvent the no hedging rule and I’ve heard (but not verified) they may not release profits made on these types of trades.

There are still a few brokers outside of the U.S. that will open accounts for U.S.-based traders and allow hedging and more relaxed trade rules (i.e. better than 50:1 leverage). Many brokers (outside of U.S.) don’t want to comply with U.S. restrictions/regulations and have stopped opening accounts based in the U.S.

Hope this clears up a few things and hasn’t confused the issue more!


Ed Barsano Creator