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Additional settings for $2 strategy

Has anyone tweaked their additional settings for the $2 strategy when investing enough to day trade (at least $25K)? I’m wondering what settings would be advantageous for number of shares to buy per transaction, total shares to buy, whether it is advantageous to reserve some amount of funds or just let funds be used on a first come, first served basis, whether to buy more shares when the stock is advancing and if so, how much to buy, whether max symbols should be increased, whether it is better to run with re-entry pullback set to 0, etc. I just downloaded the sample strategy again and see there are no open new position rules on tab 3. How do you get it to buy anything with no rules on this tab? Last time I tested it, if you didn’t tweak it, most of your money remained uninvested if you just ran with all the default settings because it was only buying in blocks of 100 and prices are low and the number of stocks being watched tends to be low. Plus, reserving funds tended to just leave money uninvested because repurcahses at lower prices were not happening while I tested. I gave it up to test SLV but SLV isn’t exactly reliable or guaranteed long term so I thought I might try the $2 strategy with real money. Thanks.

Ed Barsano Creator