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Profitting from the Investment Bank Woes

Every time I pursue a strategy like that, I end up with some overpowering stocks that take big dives. These types of strategies end up buying a random assortment of stocks that happen to satisfy a distinct set of conditions at a certain moment in time. But, it has always happened to me that among the stocks selected, some are diving to the bottom of the ocean for a variety of reasons. Some dive so far they risk being delisted. Some are pharmaceuticals crashing on the rocks because their latest toxic med’s failed to get FDC approval or failed in test. Some are technology stocks for sectors within technology that are languishing, like a radio station stock dying in the competition with Sirius and XM. There’s always an assortment of losers and always an assortment of reasons why they lose. I end up making good profits on the winning stocks but the net account value just keeps going down and if I were to continue the strategy, I’d owe the fed’s a lot in income taxes on the winning trades and have no money to pay it from since the account value is declining. I have yet to solve the random selection issue so I am dabbling with this new found mediocre method to hold a stock for just a few hours which is pretty much how most of it has gone so far. invest a truckload of money to do it and you walk away with some hundreds. If the darn things would advance without retreating, it would be some thousands. If I could find a reliable penny stock that moves by 2% down and then 1% or higher up and that cost only a fraction of a penny and that had huge volume every day, I could retire by year’s end if not earlier with this strategy. But, till then, just file it under IF and be happy with the hundreds that it makes.

Ed Barsano Creator