GoBabyTrade Fully Robotic Stock Trading

Auto Strategy change based on time of day

This request to add a simple screen the user could select which of the 5 available strategies would run based on the time of day.

So, I might have a strategy specifically designed to trade the opening half hour only. Then the trader would update the selected strategy in the wizard based on the strategies and times in the new screen and then do an automatic restart at each appropriate time.

This way, we could run several strategies automatically during the course of the day with each strategy designed to handle the specific timeframe.

This would work even better with my request to reload the trading rules only so we don’t lose all the loaded bars. If I am using a 60 minute SMA, I would lose an hour trading on a restart to reload the bars. So keep the watchlist intact and reload the new rules and strategy for the time of day.



Ed Barsano Creator