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Daytrading Strategies?


Just wondering if anyone has a good (consistent) daytrading strategy they’d be willing to share?

I’m using CT in sim mode, with a downloaded strategy that holds over night and so far (two weeks) the results have been disappointing. Today was a perfect example - all my open postitions are down, I had one stop loss for $1.50 on 100 shares and the strategy purchased three more stocks this morning all of which are now down, giving me a day that ended -$589 down.

I hope these positions bounce back in the next couple of days or I could be holding them for awhile. I prefer to enter in the morning and exit everything in the afternoon. I have tried this current strategy in this manner with poor results...it seems I’m always carrying a negative balance and so closing out at the end of each day yields mostly losses.

So if anyone has a daytrading strategy that’s working consistantly for them that they’d be willing to share, I’d appreciate it.


PS: This is the first strategy I’ve tried, but it seems like all the strategies available on the website hinge on holding overnight. Thanks again!

Ed Barsano Creator